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New Android 12 could be revolutionary or a mess

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Do you know what scheduled or planned obsolescence means? It is a concept from the 1920s. Scheduled obsolescence is the decision of the producer to purposely develop, manufacture, distribute and sell a product for consumption in a way that becomes obsolete or non-functional, specifically to force the consumer to buy the new generation of the product.

Planned obsolescence can happen with any product, such as cars, computers, smartphones, or home appliances, among others.

So, when your smartphone is slower than a year earlier, it may be the first sign of planned obsolescence.

Sometimes, the new model of a smartphone changes so few things. The new features are just a new color or 2MP in a camera or some improvements in the smartphone operating system.

Does it happen with all updates? No, for example, the Android 12 completely changed the design of Google’s operating system. In the last Google I/O, Google’s executives shared the news and how impact users’ lives will.

First of all, the new design is nice, clean and large than before. Google created the new design and gave the user all the power to customize everything. The name of this new design system: Material You. Perfect? Almost. Because Material You was designed with the Pixel smartphone in mind. Therefore, Material You on Samsung smartphones may or may not be better, for example.

But the funniest example is the new system design for Android 12. After all, it was created for me, not for you, but you too. It is unique, no? Every Android in each different smartphone company will function with “Material You” differently. It is fantastic but could be a disaster too. Why? I will explain.

Some companies use Android as their operating system. Many others companies use Android plus another system (a proprietary operating system), like MIUI in Xiaomi smartphones or ZenUI in Asus smartphones. In that case, how exactly to control what the development of Xiaomi will create on top of the original Android 12 Material You design? I do not know, but I hope Google knows.

Android 12 will be released next September for all users, but the beta version is now available for everyone in the Android beta program.

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